Would You Like to Dance Salsa Like This?

Would You?

If that’s true then jump right into the our next video. These best-selling Quick and Dirty Salsa lessons will get you dancing in the Salsa clubs in no time. Guaranteed.

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The Only Multi-angle Salsa Dance DVDs

Three Video Angles, Front, High and Back

Now a NEW and affordable way to learn how to Salsa dance. As the first-ever true MULTI-ANGLE dance instructional, this state-of-the-art DVD establishes a better way to learn how to dance.

The unique multi-angle feature gives you the ability to watch lessons from three different views. Finally, a comprehensive guide to Salsa dance that makes you feel like you are standing in a dance studio with two sensational instructors.

Switch from front, back or high angles to get a complete view of the 26 basic lessons.

Top-Notch Dance Instruction

The Instructors are Hot!

More Than 120 Hot Dance Lessons

With easy-to-follow instructions, this DVD teaches the basic steps and then guides you through more complicated Salsa dance patterns. In minutes, you will cover the foundations and be ready to dance some of the most popular Salsa moves.

Not only is Salsa fun and exciting, it also burns calories, reduces stress and increases your overall energy. Improve your social confidence and your health with this DVD. However, true success only comes when you take this DVD home, learn to Salsa and WOW your friends on the dance floor.

As a Salsa reference and instructional tool, nothing compares to this award winning DVD.